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The best software for footwear design and pattern making (ICad 3D+) and the best-patented machines for footwear (Olympic).

ICad Solutions

We put at your fingertips a thousand of options in the creative process, which will allow you to optimize the amount of physical prototypes, reducing the environmental impact. 

Olympic Machines

Our experience is the shaping of the uppers. For 50 years Olympic keep creating and producing pioneering innovative technology for the shoe industry. 

Other Machines

Explore this section to find out what else we offer to help you implement or innovate your production process in the footwear area. 

We are preparing the next generation!

We believe in the importance of knowledge and its power to transform the world we live in. That’s why we invest in the next generations, to prepare them for the challenges of technology now and tomorrow. Click the button below to see more about our work. 



Inescop is a Centre for Technology and Innovation, founded in 1971 as a private and non-profit making association. With more than 45 years of experience, the Institute works to provide technology services, transfer knowledge and conduct research on general relevant topics for the footwear sector.

Red 21

Red 21 S.L. was founded more than 20 years ago as a solution for the distribution and technical assistance of the software developed by the Footwear Technological Institute (INESCOP), organization that has been developing CAD / CAM products for over 30 years, with a continuous and great commitment with the RDI.

Olympic Machines

Olympic Engineering is a powerful con-temporary company that produces equip-ment for the shoe industry. We are highly specialized and well known for our upper shaping applications. Founded in 1969, the company has been active for more than four decades, em-bodying the spirit of creativity and inno-vation.

About US

ISM – Your perfect solutions for footwear business  

We are dedicated to providing perfect solutions for the footwear business.  Since our beginning, we have grown and evolved, constantly pushing the boundaries in the traditional shoe industry to help deliver innovation. 

With a passion for knowledge and technology, we strive to bring to our customers’ hands what is most innovative for the footwear industry in all areas. 

They count on us

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Amazing customers

“I am writing to strongly endorse the successful implementation of the ICad 3D software by ISM, our system distributor, within the technological infrastructure of Evolution Design Lab (EDL). The impact has been transformative, providing an integral shift from traditional design methods to a streamlined, digital experience.”
Michael Chen
My experience with Inescop's ICad 3D+ and the ISM team goes back over eight years, starting with my role at Deichamm as Sourcing Director. Over the years and in my new role as Senior Vice President at Payless, the support I have received and its impact on my business has been a “game changer.” It's hard to overstate the impact, but at the very least, my ability to better design a product that doesn't just meet my business needs from a cost perspective. (...) My faith in the value of ICad 3D+ as an improvement for the footwear business is so strong that it is at the heart of the PLM system that we are in the process of implementing at Payless.
Lawerence Mariani
Senior Vice President
We use ICAD software to create the design seasonally for our customers to reduce the physical sample. Creating the designer collection and asking the buyer/customer to make the selection before making a sample is very convenient for both the customer and the factory in terms of cost savings and also sustainability that all brands are taking care of.”
Jennifer Fang
Designer 3D
At Uniglobasia Shoe Design since October 2020, our Dongguan company transitioned from traditional to digital pattern creation, embracing ICad3D+ software. The shift from 'knife to mouse' brings convenience and precision. ICad 3D+ streamlines shape and paper pattern data management, unifying storage, procurement, and mitigating material loss issues (like pattern parts, and durability).
Development manager